Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Samantha has been begging to see "Marley & Me" since they began airring the previews in early December. I have put her off because I knew how the movie ended and wasn't really interested in a tear-jerker. Finally, I told her how the movie ends & after a week she was still asking to see it. So, Sunday afternoon off we went to see it. She was riveted. She never got out of her seat one time. As I was watching it, I thought this chick-flick is way over her head. She loved it. We got in the car I asked if she liked it or if she was a little bored. She said "I Love Marley. I want to see it again. Can we go to Taco Bell?" We went to Taco Bell. She did not seem at all impacted by either of the 2 scenes I found to be disturbing. I guess she has seen so much in her life that movie drama has little effect (I'm sure this will change with puberty). The good news is now I have someone to see chick-flicks with since I can't get Eric to go to them. He would complain that I won't go to science fiction or war movies.

As you will learn from this blog, I love taking pictures. Especially of my babies. I plan to share a pic or 2 every time I post. I have no concerns of running out of pictures to share.

This picture was taken in May 2003. My little fighter. We still have the gloves & they still make the noise. I miss him. The glimpse of his "tubies" at the bottom of his shirt breaks my heart.


Samantha is afraid of clowns. Especially Ronald McDonald. Even his statue.

This picture may be too wide too. If someone can help me with editing these I would appreciate it. Here is the link: http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb44/ellebe12345/P4100008.jpg

Thanks for reading.


  1. What lady doesnt enjoy a good chick flick once and an while. Once Kara sat on my lap for a re-run on TBS of "Legally Blond." Our first chick flick experience. She really liked it. I assumed it was the bright pinks and the dog that got her attention. Who knows what goes through their little minds.

    Glad you guys had fun at the movie and thanks for the warning about the ending. I thought that movie looked cute and didn't know anything about it, at least I'll be ready if I get to see it.

  2. Hi Lori,

    Harmony and I went to see the "Chick Flick" as well except we dragged Daddy to see it too! Devon was way too smart for it! I am so glad to be reading your blog. Thank you for continuing to write. It is an honor. I have such a hard time keeping up. Yesterday I went to my caringbridge and I saw that I hadn't written since the end of November. Boy did I have a lot to catch up on!
    Love and God Bless,

  3. You are blessed to have a little girl to see chick flicks with. I've been blessed with two boys and If they are anything like their dad they will not like chick flicks. However, they tolerate them better than their dad for now at least. Also keep posting the pictures, I love thaking pictures of my family and especially my babies. A friend got me into scrapbooking and that just make me want to take more pics but now I don't have time to scrapbook. One day the boys will be grown and maybe then I'll get time to catch up.
    God Bless,