Sunday, January 25, 2009

An anniversary of sorts

Today marks 2 years since Cameron's first transplant. It is hard to believe how much has happened in these 2 years. At the time, it felt like time had stood still. Looking back it is such a blur.

He looks so little to me in that big bed. You can see Samantha's marrow in the upper left of the picture. I personally didn't expect it to be so bright red.

This is the cord blood. The chemicals used to preserve it are smelly - like rotten eggs. Despite the huge amounts of chemo, he did not loose all of his hair. It was thin & fine, but still there.

Samantha after getting back from the OR. She had some pain & was still sleepy. She was content with her Care Bears, 3 pacifiers & Grandma Ermal was right by her side the whole time to get her whatever she desired (like balloons, Sprite and chocolate pudding).

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