Monday, January 26, 2009

Random items

First, our review of "Hotel for Dogs." It comes highly recommended by the 5 year old set. Of course, every movie that Samantha sees is her favorite. She loves the whole theater experience. She is now asking to see "Mall Cop." If anyone has seen it, please let me know how it was & if it is inappropriate for a little girl.

On the motorcycle front, we don't have much information yet. Seems as though people are on the move making them difficult to question. I was confronted by their mother in front of our house Friday evening after work (intimidation of a witness??). She tells me they are "good boys who would never steal." Of course, the municipal court website begs to differ..... Maybe she didn't realize that stuff is public information and easily accessed by anyone with internet & interest.

Todays pictures:

Christian, Grandma & Cameron. This picture was taken in November 2003. Cameron loved his grandma.

The date on this picture is wrong. It was taken on Samantha's 2nd birthday in November 2005. She had a party with her cousins at McDonald's. After the party, Ian & Christian spent the night & the 3 boys had a tea party with her in the living room.

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