Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thought of the day

Why be saddled with this thing called life expectancy?

Of what relevance to an individual is such a statistic?

Am I to concern myself with an allotment of days I never had and was never promised?
Must I check off each day of my life as if I am subtracting from this imaginary hoard?

No, on the contrary, I will add each day of my life to my treasure of days lived. And with each day, my treasure will grow, not diminish.

~Robert Brault

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thought for today

A friend once sent me a book "Shelter from the Storm." It took me a while to get to it. I had so many to read and so little motivation. Looking back I wish I would have read this one sooner, not nearly 20 months later. The quote that spoke to me was:

"When parents are told that their child will surely die, their grief is shattering. Most people say it is the worst thing that can happen in the human experience. So I tell you now what you most likely cannot believe, but what is mercifully true: You can survive. Your life will be permanently changed, and grief will always be part of it. But you will be okay. You will get through this, and there will be help from many directions."