Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My football player

This picture was taken in fall 2007, just before Cameron's third relapse. We struggled with the decision of him playing. We were openly criticized by other parents for allowing him to play less than a year after his first transplant. He repeatedly asked if he could play. He hardly asked us for anything. He had the full support of his doctor and nurse practitioner. It was hard to explain to those parents that there is not a causal relationship between football and leukemia. I think it was really good for him - it did increase his strength and endurance & it made him very happy. I'm so glad we let him play, one less thing to feel guilty about.
Cameron was shy and modest. He loved this picture of himself. When he saw it, he made it the background on my laptop and titled it "The Man Who Brought Football to America."
Thanks to Jodie for helping me with the picture sizing. My apologies to Jodie for mis-spelling her name,


  1. No Problem Lori

    If you need anymore help, just email me.

  2. I'm so glad your boy got to play football. As I once read "make the best decisions with the information you have at the time" and as you say his doctor was happy with it too.

    i like this photo too!

    Lea White

  3. lori, you don't know me but your cameron sounded like a wonderful little guy. your decision to let him play was the best one you could have made. you let him be a kid, and have fun. that is what a good mother does. i bet it was great watching him also. peope sometimes can hurt feelings, but they didn't know what it was like to be you. you are a great person, don't think of those nagative people. please accept my deepest sympathies.

    erin delucas

  4. Lori, good for you to not worry about what other parents thought and just allowed your son to play football! It was a simple request, and sometimes people have to remember that IF they were inthe same situtation, what would they do for their children.

    I am sure that Careon had a ball playing football! All that running and cool fall air! It had to feel so good after getting out of a stuffy hospital!
    Joy for your day!!!!!
    (PS. OF course I am gonna keep up on your blog! That is wht BLOG-friends do!