Saturday, March 23, 2013

An apology & some updates

So, I had an email exchange with the reporter about the Flashes of Hope article & I came away from it feeling ok (used, but ok). She initially apologized for disappointing me, which showed me that she really didn't get what I was trying to say. Normally, I am not very good at self-advocacy, but in this case, I really didn't let it go until I felt like she was hearing what I had to say. I felt emotionally exploited and that made me angry. At the end of it, I think I got my point across and no longer feel the need to completely boycott The Dispatch.


1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 182.59/1000.

Two weeks in a row I have been over my weekly mileage goal - 20 more weeks like this & I am caught up! But I don't know how many more 28+ mileage weeks I can handle!

2. Read 100 books. Current Status: 15/100

This week I have read:  My Sister and I: We are Survivors by J. Jackson Owensby; The Truth About Butterflies: A Memoir by Nancy Stephan; Homo sarcasmus - On the Origin of the Species by Heath L. Buckmaster; & The Compass of Pleasure by David Linden

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 6.8/25. Stagnant 2 weeks in a row. Better than going up I suppose & still on track.

4. Get more organized. No comment

5. Make one new recipe per week. Current status: 12/52

Made this for dessert the other night: YUMMY!

Made this for breakfast on Friday: Found the recipe on pinterest where it claimed to have only 56 calories. Well, that is a big fat lie, but it was good and not too un-healthy!May even try it without the peanut butter sometime - just banana & chocolate!

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I feel like I've been punk'd. You know - the Ashton Kutcher show that was on MTV a while ago that played practical jokes on people?

So yesterday I blogged about Flashes of Hope, my interview, and the emotions that were stirred up in me as a result of talking about the experiences with a complete stranger. A stranger who asked more than just about the photos. She asked about Cameron's diagnosis, when he died, and so on.

I waited in anticipation of the article, in fact, checking for it on-line was the first thing I did this morning. My piece - the piece I stewed over, cried over, worried about - was not there.

Cut due to space issues.

Really? All that upset-ment for NOTHING? It's not like I went looking for attention (like I do here on this blog!), but at least a mention in the article would have made it feel at least worthwhile. But, alas & yet again, I came away with nothing. Thank you Ms. Reporter. Please do not call again.

I've been punk'd.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Flashes of Hope

Flashes of Hope is a wonderful organization. They have volunteer photographers who go to Children's Hospitals and take free portraits of ill children. The gift to the family is priceless. If you want to read more about the organization, go here:

On two separate occasions in 2007 & 2008, we were fortunate to have Flashes of Hope take photos of Cameron at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

They are wonderful, but bittersweet.

I love them.

I keep them in a drawer.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Why do I mention this now?

Last evening I got a call from a Columbus Dispatch reporter who is doing a story on the organization. She wanted to gather various perspectives - from families who are having pictures done today at Children's, those who have had them done in the past but their children survived, and those like me.

People who know me well will be shocked to hear that I was nearly speechless. I knew that she was going to be calling. I heard her questions, formulated answers in my mind, but what came out of my mouth was brief and without substance. Why? Because it is too f-ing painful talk about. Especially now.

Why now? We just passed what should have been Cameron's 14th birthday. We are approaching next week the 10 year "anniversary" of his diagnosis, when my life changed forever and not for the better.

So, all of this to say, I support the organization and am grateful for what they have given to me. If you are interested in reading the article, you can look for it in Tuesday March 19, 2013 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, in the Life & Times section.

Until next time,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The picture

This is the before picture. We haven't made it to the stylist yet. Having a lazy morning here. This hair has not even been combed yet!

Friday, March 15, 2013

& so it happened

It took 9 years.
In  fact, I was getting pretty cocky and thought that I had avoided it.
But then, it happened.
Samantha cut herself some bangs. With fingernail clippers!
Guess we'll be making a trip to the hair dresser to get them evened out.
There will be photos soon!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Tonight was sign-ups/skills assessment for softball. Sami has played baseball for the past few years on boy/girl teams. This is our first attempt at girls softball. At first she was not interested: "Why would I play softball. There are no boys there. Who will I flirt with?" AYE CARAMBA! What is a mama bear to do???

It took some convincing, but she got excited about it. She did pretty well. We should hear more in the next week or so about her team and schedule.

Here are some pictures from previous years.




1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 147.8/1000.

Still WAY behind, but making a bit of progress. If I can stay healthy, I believe I will be able to catch up on this goal!

2. Read 100 books. Current Status: 11/100

I have fallen behind here too, still counting on vacation to get caught up (& maybe a bit ahead!). I also need to find some more *fluff* to read. These intense books require too much recovery time!

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 6.8/25.

4. Get more organized.

Working on my office right now!

5. Make one new recipe per week. Current status: 10/52

Good flavor, crunchier than I would have guessed. I want to try these again with banana pudding.

 “The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist.” Harold Wilkins
Until next time,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Who doesn't love bacon?

This morning while waiting for the bus Samantha announced "Hey Mom! I want to go to bacon school! I didn't even know there was a bacon school! How cool is that - I bet they eat bacon all day! I love bacon!"

Then I realized that a different bus had just passed by. The one for "Beacon School." Clearly we need to work on her spelling & reading!



1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 140.7/1000. I may be able to catch up on this goal!

2. Read 100 books. Current Status: 11/100

Finished reading The Suicide Effect (A Medical Thriller) by L.J. Sellers

I have to stay off of I am downloading soooo many free books I don't know how I will ever read them all! I think there are about 1800+ books on my kindle right now.

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 6.4/25. The scales went the wrong way last week, so I had ground to make up! Still on target with this goal though.

4. Get more organized. Worked on another drawer & got rid of some clothes that we don't wear anymore.

5. Make one new recipe per week. Current status: 9/52

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just another boring update!

Haven't felt great the last few days. Mostly just blah. Weary.
Kind of matches my mood. Cameron's 14th birthday was Sunday. I spent the day feeling sorry for myself. Would have drank some wine if I had the energy to open it up.

1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 121.2/1000. I am still WAY behind on this goal!

2. Current Status: 10/100

Finished reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I liked this book way better than the other one. The characters were not as well developed as I would have liked, but at least I could follow this story.

Also read Asylum (The Birch Harbor Series) by Kristen Selleck. Totally not my kind of book. A young adult, super natural book. It was ok.
Not sure what is up next. Guess when I grab my kindle tonight, whatever looks good on the 1st screen will win!

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 6.4/25. The scales went the wrong way last week, so I had ground to make up! Still on target with this goal though.

4. Get more organized. No progress this week.

5. Make one new recipe per week. Current status: 9/52

Made these:

and this for dinner last weekend:

Both were successes & will find their way into the dinner rotation.

Until next time (& hopefully it will be more interesting),