Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

No pictures today, but trust me that Sam was adorable in her dress! You've all seen her, now just imagine her in this with a black head band and hot pink sandals. Maybe next time.

The reason I don't have pictures today is because my laptop crashed early last week. On Saturday, I trekked off to Best Buy to get a new one. Still working on getting it set up. Important things (like iTunes!) were moved first. Now, thanks to Carbonite, all of my other files are being magically transferred over ina process I don't really understand. All I know is I paid $50 a few months ago. Clicked some buttons last night and files are slowly showing up. According to the update bar, it will be "a few days" before the update is complete.


On Monday, a friend and I made a trip to Children's Hospital to deliver some donations that 2 troops of daisy scouts collected. There were lots of toys, games and art supplies for the sibling club house. This was a place where Samantha spent many, many hours. We also had cases of girl scout cookies for the oncology unit. Finally, we had a few items for the Ronald McDonald House. While there, we got a tour and I got to see some of the changes they have made over the past couple of years. As expected, it was bittersweet. It is nice to see the people and places, but hard none the less. Lots of memories in all of those areas.


Another friend and I are organizing The Inaugural Cancer Sucks 5K Fun Run/Walk which will be held on Saturday July 16, 2011. This race is designed to honor the memories of Cameron and my friend's wife Susan Ipacs. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Leukemia Research Fund at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Melanoma Research Foundation. Look here for more information or on facebook. Also, you can email me for a registration form.


Mileage update:
I got in 12.28 miles this week for a total of 273.55.

I haven't done a good job tracking other goals in my book, but will have a better update on them for next week.

Until next time,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I stink at writing titles......

“The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.”


Really. I have no idea what to title these posts.....

Samantha's ice show was last night. This year's theme was "Off the Red Carpet." Her group skated to a song from Hairspray. She has such a great time on the ice. She is already looking forward to next year's lessons.

Just before leaving for the rink: Waiting for the show to start. We had to be there 1 hr & 15 minutes early. Then the show was late. And long. It was 10:30 before we left. She was thrilled that friend from school came to watch her.

After the show, all of the kids get to go back out on the ice for a finale and to get flowers from their supporters. Samantha and Emily were proud of their arm-loads.

This morning, I was up bright and early for a 5K. With my friend Erin at the finish:

Shock! I came in 2nd place in my age group! Doesn't say good things about the competetion.....


Mileage update:

16.65 for the week bringing the grand total to: 261.27!

Until next time,


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not very interesting, but some pictures....

"Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training and some are not.”


Saturday was a beautiful morning for a run! We competed in the Ribbon Dash 5K & here is the proof:

Just about to cross the finish line:

After the hike back to our cars:

We are getting quite a collection of -shirts at this point. Hoping to get several more before the end of summer.

After cooling off, we went for a drive to scope out the course for the 10K we have registered for in May. I was nearly brought to tears when I saw the enormous hills! Only about a month left to train.... OY VEY!


Another example of Sam's creative fashion:

She LOVES those purple striped tights! ***** Sam this afternoon on our way to a friend's birthday party: Of course, by the time we got there she had shed the tights and changed her shirt!

***** Mileage update: got in an even 12 this week for a grand total of 244.62.

Until next time,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hey Eye Doctor! You're not that special!!

The definition of home? Not where you are from, but rather where you are wanted.


So, I had a dentist appointment this week. It was well past my 6 month cleaning, but not more than a year. First thing the very kind dentist says to me is: "So, how are the kids? Must be getting big now." Here come the tears. Mine & hers. She realized immediately, but a smidge too late. Then she got to tell me that I have a cavity. I get to see her again tomorrow. I am 2/2. Can't wait until my reg dr appt in May. *embarassed*


Sam has given up wearing pairs of socks. Not socks mind you, just matching pairs. I have spent a small fortune at Justice on 3 packs of socks. Yes, 3 unmatched knee socks in a pack. 4 packs of them. Lots of socks with no mates in our house. She is loving it. Can't wait to see what the next must-have items are.


List updates:

Mileage: got in 15.50 this week for a total of 232.62! I am going to make it!!!

Also, I went roller blading with Samantha on the bike path today. AYE! My calves are hurting from that experience. It has been a very long time since I've roller bladed. We only went about 2 miles before I had to call it quits!

Items completed: 12/38
#1, #2, #3 (rollerblading), #5, #7, #8, #14, #22, #23, #29, #34, #38

Items in progress: 10/38
#10, #11, #15, #16, #17, #18, #24, #28, #35, #36

Until next time,