Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy weekend!

On Saturday morning, I was able to have breakfast with some old friends. It was great seeing them and having a chance to catch up. It had been years since I had seen 2 of them, but some things never change and it was like old times again.

Then, off to a birthday party. One of my nephews turned 5!

Samantha LOVES Emily.

Finally, it was the Fall Sports Banquet where the girls got their trophies for cheerleading. Sam is very proud of her trophy & plans to take it to school this week for show & tell.

The final award of the evening was "The Cameron Brown Courage Award." I was too far away to get a good picture, but in the top right corners of the certificates you can see Cameron's #2. Cam's coach was unable to present, still too teary to talk about Cam publicly. Made me cry too. Next year, Samantha wants to be part of the presentation.

Mileage: 28.29 + 14.44 = 42.73 for a grand total of 859.43!!!


Samantha is turning 8 tomorrow! Cannot believe how time has flown with her. Will be taking cookies down to her class & then off to Justice for some shopping. Another pool party on Saturday. Will be posting more pictures!


Until next time,