Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Sami posing it up before we left for church on Easter morning.

 During church service, as typical for Easter, there was a lot of talk about blood. Part way through, Sami whispered to me: "What blood type did Jesus have?"

Good question.

After attempting to explain that they probably didn't even know that there were different blood types at that time & that they wouldn't have had the technology to test, my response was: "I bet he was O-, the Universal Donor."

Her questions get harder & harder!


1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 199.4/1000.

Strained my calf last week so I took it easy. Did some walking, but not much running.

2. Read 100 books. Current Status: 18/100

This week I have read:
* 99 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight by Scott Walker;
* What the Hell was I Thinking? A Memoir by Emma Feix Alberts &
* What If? Changing Your Life to Fit Your Truth by Jim Young.
3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 5.4/25.

Oops. Too much Easter dinner for me.

4. Get more organized. No comment

5. Make one new recipe per week. Current status: 13/52

Made the Bunny cake.

Until next time,