Sunday, June 30, 2013

So friends....

I've not been myself. Kind of down, worried. Expecting the worst.

All because of a letter. A form letter in fact. The kind of form letter that doesn't even have a copied signature. Just some random guys name typed at the bottom.

So, my letter said that my recent mammogram "shows a finding that requires additional imaging studies. You should call your doctor to have an appointment scheduled for complete evaluation of this finding if you have not already done so."

Um.... how would I have done so when I just not got your freaking letter???? At 6 PM. So, I get to worry and stew and cry all night. Imaging all of the worst things. Wishing I could just talk to my mom.

So, first thing in the morning I tried calling my doctor. He was in surgery all morning. Left messages for the nurse to call me back. Every hour. She never called.

So, I tried calling the radiologist whose name was typed on the bottom of my letter. He, conveniently, was not taking calls that day. Seriously? Is that an option?

So, I tried calling the Women's Center where the original mammogram was done. Guess what? They don't know anything.

In desperation, I called Riverside Hospital's Breast Health Center in Columbus. I have never been a patient there, but I've heard good things about them. So, why not? No one else will talk to me, what is one more rejection?

Guess what? Polly talked to me. She had me sign a release & fax it to her. She got a copy of my report and shared it with me ("something" on the far right side of the right breast). She scheduled me for a compression mammogram (not sure how that is different from a regular one), ultrasound and consult with the doctor on Tuesday. She promised me that I would not leave there without an answer. Bless her heart. She may have single-handedly prevented an absolute breakdown just by talking with me.

So, poor sleep and an active imagination have made for a fragile me. But I only have to get through a few more days. Good thing I am medicated.

I will update again when I have something more to say. Positive thoughts & prayers are appreciated!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

48 years ago today....

my parents got married.

Can't find their wedding photo on this computer, so a pic from the 70s will have to do.