Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday pictures of the day.....

This has always been one of my favorite pictures of Cameron (I say that a lot don't I? It seems as though all of my pictures are favorites.) He was 6 when this was taken. It was early in his Tae Kwon Do career, but he was a natural at it. It did a lot for his confidence and stamina. I spent hours sitting on that wooden floor watching him. His last belt was a red/black. We have them displayed on an engraved belt rack.

This was taken Christmas 2006. Sam had just turned 3. We were waiting for admission for Cameron's first bone marrow transplant. He was weak & frail. Santa left some coal for Sam as she had been a typical demanding toddler. Cameron thought it was hysterical. Sam did not. She is able to laugh about it now, especially since the coal has been "recycled" through others' stockings. (BTW - she also got 12 pacifiers in that same stocking with the coal. We were forever losing them & despite being 3, we knew we were in for a long haul of hospitalization and they were going to be necessary.)
I didn't realize how much her hair has grown until I saw this picture. It is most of the way down her back now.
Also, please continue your prayers for our friends Matthew His family had to cut their Make A Wish trip to Disney short. He is now in the PICU due to new seizures. Trey's family needs continued support and prayers for strength and comfort
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  1. I love the Tae Kwon Do pic. I did that for about 5 minutes in College :) Never did a kick that good either!

    I have really enjoyed the photos and memories you have shared on these posts. It is awesome to see Cam being a kid and doing things he loved. I think all of you guys have done (and are still doing) a great job. You are seeking and finding good days and enjoying them when they come.