Thursday, January 31, 2013

January goal update

1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 45.72/1000.

Still behind..... Hoping to make up some ground with the half marathon training that I am just getting started (again!). I had started a plan, then got derailed when Aunt Ruth died, but am back on plan.

2. Read 100 books. Current status: 4/100

Behind here too. Did finish reading OVERWEIGHT - A Novel by Nathan Anthony. It didn't end quite the way I thought it would, but that is that is the beauty of a book. I have just started reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I know that it is a tear jerker so I am braced for it. I also know that the topic will hit a little close to home. Haven't selected the next book yet.

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 3.6/25

Finally! A goal that is on track! Not going to say much about this, hate to jinx my progress! :)

4. Get more organized.

This is coming along.... Have started with the living room & the magazine rack. Working my way through them. Maybe that is why I am behind on books!

Until next time,

Monday, January 28, 2013

If there is a Heaven.....

If there is a Heaven, these 2 sisters are there, shopping & they are not paying full retail price for anything!

Mom & Aunt Ruthie. Mom hated this picture because she was talking. I love it because I love them both & don't have as many pictures of the two of them together as I wish I did. Now, it is too late to get any more.  

Aunt Ruthie

The 5 Bishop siblings, only 3 remaining.

Missing them terribly tonight.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My 2013 goals

Just realized I never posted these. Somehow, posting them keeps me more honest! Certainly not listing 40 this year, but still going to make an effort for change!

1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 26/1000.

I realize that this is a repeat goal - I fell short last year. :( I got sick mid-November and didn't really feel well until about 2 weeks ago. My total miles for 2012 were 850.3. I am already running behind (heehee!) with only 26 miles logged (should be closer to 55 at this point) but am just getting started on a half-marathon training plan so hopefully I will catch up soon.

2. Read 100 books. Current status: 3/100

Two books a week. Lofty, but I *should* be able to do this. Working on #4 right now - OVERWEIGHT - A Novel by Nathan Anthony. So far, it is an interesting read about the earth being thrown off its axis by too many overweight Americans. Have also read Some are Sicker than Others by Andrew Seaward, The Forgotten by David Baldacci and The Racketeer by John Grisham. I am addicted to the site where free Kindle books are loaded everyday. Links take you to Amazon so it appears trustworthy. I now have in the neighborhood of 1,800 books stored on my kindle so I'd better get reading before I run out of space!

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 0.8/25

That is only 2 pounds per month. Doable? Hasn't been the last 2 years so we shall see! I would hate to be one of those who tips the earth off its axis....

4. Get more organized.

This one will be harder to measure. Maybe I should count up the closets and drawers in my house and office that need cleaned out!

Maybe next year, I will come up with 10 items, but these 4 are it for now!

What I didn't write down were other intentions like blood donations, charitable donations, increased family activities so hopefully 2013 will be a great year!

Until next time,

Biggest Loser: Love it or hate it?

It is turning into quite the controversial show. Even in my small little corner of the world, I hear quite the number of people expressing their feelings about this show and very few are in the middle. They tend to love or to hate this show. I fall in the love category. I have watched it from the beginning. The transformations have been amazing and inspiring. I do, however, believe that Jillian Michaels hates me! It is obvious by the sheer torture of those dvd's she puts out!

I have also watched the reunions where several have gained back their weight. Just like real life. I have read over & over that the majority of folks who lose weight gain it all back. The show is not to blame for that though some would like to blame them instead of taking responsibility for their own choices.

Last week, Dr. H was doing what he does - reviewing each contestant's medical test results, which is generally bad & scary making many of them cry for the camera. But then, he said something that has stuck with me & I have thought about it all week long. It went something like this:

"If I told you that you had lymphoma, could you find an hour a day for chemotherapy? Well, I am telling you that heart disease and if you don't lose the weight, you will die. Can you not find an hour a day for exercise?" 

Hmmm. I don't think my situation is quite so dire, but why do I make so many excuses? Why can I not find 30 minutes to exercise? How much could I have done in the time that I have spent typing in this blog???

Until next time, I am off to the treadmill!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey mom......


Sami: "Hey Mom..... what kind of animal is skim?"

Me: "What????"

Sami: "WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL IS SKIM??? We drink skim milk right?"

Me" gasping for air due to laughing so hard! My silly little girl!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fell off the wagon AGAIN!

I have lots of excuses:

1. I was sick. In fact, my whole house was sick over Christmas & New Years and we are just now starting to really feel well.

2. I was busy. Trying to pull off a holiday with a fever is not a lot of fun. However, trying to pull off a holiday while on codeine cough syrup is a little bit fun.

3. Christmas Cards suck the fun out of everything. Seriously. EVERY.THING. I bought the cards. Nothing too sentimental or sickly sweet. Nothing too religious. Just regular snowmen cards with "Merry Christmas" on the inside. I sat down with my bottle of wine & address book (which, by the way, is not that old - maybe 3-4 years). Page after page were people I would not be sending cards to this year. Why you might ask..... Because they died. Or were too demented to realize that I was sending them a card. Or because they had recently suffered a tragedy and did not want another *^%*^% card to show up at their house. So, I put the cards away and drank my wine.

So now that I am feeling more like myself as opposed to feeling sorry for myself, I am back on the wagon for blogging, diet & half marathon training.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing over the past month:

Sami was in a Christmas Ice show

Those rosy cheeks were from fever. Poor little thing was sick on Christmas morning. It was hard for her to get too excited opening her gifts.

Feeling better & rocking her new pink winter gear in the snow.

Enjoying some pampering - getting her nails done by her cousin.

Until next time, (& I promise it will not be long!)