Thursday, January 29, 2009

Terrible news

Stolen from Mason's page:

"Diane Blansett here again… Andrea called about 2:30CST. They have received some of the test results. The news is very grave - the cancer is back. The Central Nervous System is fully involved, 68%, and anything greater than 50% is considered strongly positive. The doctors are still looking at the bone marrow, but because his platelets keep decreasing, they suspect that it is also in the bone marrow. If it is, there is no treatment. If it is just in the central nervous system, the doctors will explore clinical trials that seem to be having promising results. They will begin radiation tomorrow in limited amounts to give Mason some relief.

Andrea told me that she and Eddie have prayed as a couple and prayed with Mason. They all know that Mason belongs to God and has been on loan, a temporary gift from God. Eddie and Andrea have agreed that they will not put Mason through painful treatments. They are at peace with this decision.

Mason has had some moments of coherency this afternoon. He and Eddie and Andrea have been able to laugh a little and to truly enjoy one another’s company. What a gift! Andrea was about to go get Trey and explain everything to him. They need some family time, so Andrea asked that you please continue to pray, PRAY FOR A MIRACLE, but they are asking that you please not call or come by for the next day or two. She will post when she is ready for calls or visits. She will try to check emails and posts at least once a day, so that would be a good way for you to let them know how much you care and that you are continuing to lift them up to God. Andrea said to stress that they really do feel your prayers. They know that’s it’s because of them and God’s goodness that they have had a good afternoon with Mason."

I don't have anything to add.

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