Thursday, March 14, 2013


Tonight was sign-ups/skills assessment for softball. Sami has played baseball for the past few years on boy/girl teams. This is our first attempt at girls softball. At first she was not interested: "Why would I play softball. There are no boys there. Who will I flirt with?" AYE CARAMBA! What is a mama bear to do???

It took some convincing, but she got excited about it. She did pretty well. We should hear more in the next week or so about her team and schedule.

Here are some pictures from previous years.




1. Run/jog/walk 1000 miles. Current status: 147.8/1000.

Still WAY behind, but making a bit of progress. If I can stay healthy, I believe I will be able to catch up on this goal!

2. Read 100 books. Current Status: 11/100

I have fallen behind here too, still counting on vacation to get caught up (& maybe a bit ahead!). I also need to find some more *fluff* to read. These intense books require too much recovery time!

3. Lose 25 pounds. Current status: 6.8/25.

4. Get more organized.

Working on my office right now!

5. Make one new recipe per week. Current status: 10/52

Good flavor, crunchier than I would have guessed. I want to try these again with banana pudding.

 “The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist.” Harold Wilkins
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