Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I feel like I've been punk'd. You know - the Ashton Kutcher show that was on MTV a while ago that played practical jokes on people?

So yesterday I blogged about Flashes of Hope, my interview, and the emotions that were stirred up in me as a result of talking about the experiences with a complete stranger. A stranger who asked more than just about the photos. She asked about Cameron's diagnosis, when he died, and so on.

I waited in anticipation of the article, in fact, checking for it on-line was the first thing I did this morning. My piece - the piece I stewed over, cried over, worried about - was not there.

Cut due to space issues.

Really? All that upset-ment for NOTHING? It's not like I went looking for attention (like I do here on this blog!), but at least a mention in the article would have made it feel at least worthwhile. But, alas & yet again, I came away with nothing. Thank you Ms. Reporter. Please do not call again.

I've been punk'd.


  1. OMG! It seems crazy that they wouldn't have taken the time to think about the emotional fallout of the article, let alone about the fallout of bringing everything up just to "cut it for space." What a crock!

  2. Thanks Marge! I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing when I am justified and when I am over-reacting!