Sunday, February 5, 2012

All are healthy-ish....

I almost hate to utter these words for fear of jinxing us yet again, but I *think* we have crossed a healthy hurdle. There has been no vomit in my house in 11 days!

I am back on the treadmill, clearly not the same as the great outdoors, but I was nervous enough about my precarious position that I didn't want to be too far from home, my car, a bathroom to risk being on the bike path. Feeling lucky, I've packed my bag for what looks like will be a beautiful lunchtime run on the bikepath tomorrow. The timing is great! I have 8 weeks left to train for the Athens Half Marathon!

So, in my either fever or illness-induced insanity, I got the brillant idea that the Columbus Full Marathon in October sounded like a good idea. I've been looking at training plans, talking to folks who are equally insane as they have encouraged me to go for it. The hook? Mile 17-18 takes a detour through the Ohio State University football stadium. The Horseshoe! How cool is that??? We'll see..... I plan to take this under serious consideration and NOT with a glass of wine in my hand & my feet up in the recliner while waiting for the cheesy goodness to come out of the oven.... Gotta love Super Bowl Sunday!

Mileage update:
124.91 + 20.12 + 11.02 + 24.99 = 181.04/1000 (or according to my Garmin 18%!)

Until next time,

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