Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ice Princess!

Today was Samantha's first ever ice skating competition. She has been taking group lessons for a couple of years & has participated in the end of the year shows, but this was the first time she performed solo in front of a crowd.

We were supposed to be on the ice at 7:30 am. Very early for a Saturday! She was pumped & ready to go. She bounded out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. We put a few quick curls in her hair (& a little glitter too!) and off we went.

Taken just after her 30 minutes of warm up. Didn't make a lot of sense to me to warm up, then sit in the cold for a 45 minutes before her turn, but that is how they do it!

Here she is waiting for the music to start. Her neon green dress really sparkled out there. I thought that she would be nervous. If she was, it certainly didn't show. She was all smiles for the judges.

I think this was her favorite part of her routine - I think she likes to shake her hips a little too much!

She was deep in concentration here!

"Ta Da!"

Sami really, really, really loves Emily! They were so so cold but too cool to put their jackets back on or get under a blanket.

On the podium getting her medal.... She is so very proud of herself. Mama was pretty proud too.

Finally! Some warmth! Her smile is still that big. She had a blast and can't wait to do it again. Next time, I need to remember to bring a blanket for myself! It was COLD in there.
Mileage update:
218.15 + 26.8 (big week!) = 244.95 (Thanks to SparkPeople to keeping track of this for me!)
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