Monday, February 27, 2012

Confessions of a slacker.....

I love to read. Always have. I get it naturally as both my parents were avid readers. I was the nerd-child who usually ask for books for gifts. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Kindle.

But, I am a slacker these days. Must be all the running (looking for any excuse here.....).

I have a stack of borrowed books on my night stand, more upstairs on a shelf & literally hundreds patiently waiting on the kindle. So, what am I doing? Trolling around on the internet, reading blogs and news articles. Haven't read a real chapter in weeks. Feeling guilty about this. Not sure what is stopping me. Maybe it is my attention span. Maybe it is my general fatigue. Maybe I am just lazy. Who knows???

With all that said, I still love books.

I stumbled upon a site called Goodreads the other day. It reminded me a bit of Netflix where you can rate books you've read in a variety of categories and then they give you a list of books they think you will like based on your history. I spent at least an hour rating books and looking around. Now, I have pages of additional books that this website is sure that I will love. No pressure, just another 200 books to add to my pile. I may have to take a leave of absence from my job!

Ok - off to read some Dr. Seuss to Sami.....

Until next time,

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