Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Lego girl + mileage update

Samantha is loving Legos right now. It seems like we have always had some, but not too many. She did get a fairly large box for Christmas & has played with them WAY MORE than she has her American Girl doll. So, for Valentines Day + straight A's on her report card, she was going to get to pick out some of the new Lego Friends. They are very cute and marketed towards girls - very smart of those Lego folks!

So, last Saturday after ice skating, we hit the Lego Store & after much deliberation, she picked out the Tree House. There were so many choices, she We had some other shopping to do, including a new pantry kit from the Container Store. Finally, we get home & got everything opened. I knew I was in trouble when I realized that the panty kit came with one sheet of instructions and the Legos had a 43 page booklet. We spent over an hour getting it put together and she was very proud of her efforts! Of course, she took it apart the next morning.

I foresee myself spending a fortune on these kits!

Mileage update:
I foresee myself spending a fortune in the near future on these kits.
181.04 + 20 + 17.1 =218.15

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