Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fell off the wagon AGAIN!

I have lots of excuses:

1. I was sick. In fact, my whole house was sick over Christmas & New Years and we are just now starting to really feel well.

2. I was busy. Trying to pull off a holiday with a fever is not a lot of fun. However, trying to pull off a holiday while on codeine cough syrup is a little bit fun.

3. Christmas Cards suck the fun out of everything. Seriously. EVERY.THING. I bought the cards. Nothing too sentimental or sickly sweet. Nothing too religious. Just regular snowmen cards with "Merry Christmas" on the inside. I sat down with my bottle of wine & address book (which, by the way, is not that old - maybe 3-4 years). Page after page were people I would not be sending cards to this year. Why you might ask..... Because they died. Or were too demented to realize that I was sending them a card. Or because they had recently suffered a tragedy and did not want another *^%*^% card to show up at their house. So, I put the cards away and drank my wine.

So now that I am feeling more like myself as opposed to feeling sorry for myself, I am back on the wagon for blogging, diet & half marathon training.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing over the past month:

Sami was in a Christmas Ice show

Those rosy cheeks were from fever. Poor little thing was sick on Christmas morning. It was hard for her to get too excited opening her gifts.

Feeling better & rocking her new pink winter gear in the snow.

Enjoying some pampering - getting her nails done by her cousin.

Until next time, (& I promise it will not be long!)

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