Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good to be home

We made it home a little while ago. I would have posted more during the trip but I was unable to maintain an internet connection.

We did have a great time. Sam loved the ocean. She was not afraid of it all. She also loved the pool and the lazy river. We spent all of our time in the water. No sight-seeing, lots of ordering in, just relaxing.

I loved the hotel. Our room was great. Everyone was very nice. My only complaint was that they require guests to wear plastic wristbands. Samantha said "this is just like the Ronald McDonald House."

On the first day there was a hula hoop contest. Sam was the best in her age-group, while she did not win the overall competition Christian did win. It was hysterical. Too bad my camera was in the room. Here are some other pics I took on day 1:

Sam & Ashton:

Sam & Emily:

Sam & Ash:

Need to work on unpacking, will post more tomorrow.


  1. So happy you guys got to get away! She looks so happy!!