Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final vacation pictures

I realize that this is as bad as watching your neighbor's slideshow from a vacation, but I'm not able to help myself. I took hundreds of pictures during the trip so you are really just viewing a sample :)

From our dinner on the pier. I wonder what inappropriate thing Christian is saying to Sam?

After dinner we rode the lift around the pier. The girls thought it was great. Christian, Paul & I thought it was a little scary. We were very high. The ride was a bit rusty and we stopped at the peak for almost 30 seconds. Doesn't seem like much, but when you are swinging in the breeze it felt like an eternity. I have no pictures from the ride. Too busy holding on...

Felt much better after we got back to the pool.

The girls were hot and tiring of the sun so they built a fort from the ride-ons.

About a minute later the boys knocked down the fort.

Sam started feeling more confident in the water. She took a couple of running jumps before I could catch it on film.

Our last morning - a final dig in the sand.

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