Monday, March 2, 2009

"This is the best vacation ever...."

"it's even better than the Ronald McDonald House!"

So, Samantha sets the bar low with entertainment.

We started Sunday having lunch with our friend Kim. Samantha loves her so much, says she wants to be just like Kim when she grows up.

Next, we checked in the hotel, had about 45 minutes to waste before heading off to Disney on Ice.

Arrived at Nationwide Arena in plenty of time. Got some treats and a program, then down to our seats. We had a nice view. The show was "Adventures in Disneyland," a story about The Incredibles & their trip to Disneyland.

Here is Sam reading the program:

She got nervous for Mickey & Minnie after "Syndrome" took them as prisoners:

But, Mickey & Minnie made it out just fine with a little help from their friends.

Sam waving bye to the characters as they left the ice. She got the "Dash" mask with her cotton candy.

Excitedly telling Grandpa Pete all about the show.

This morning, we went to Build-A-Bear where she made a puppy (go figure!). We then did some shopping, had lunch & headed home. She selpt the whole way.
Reminder: We're going to meet at Red Brick in Athens at 6-ish on Tuesday March 3 for Cameron's birthday celebration. Everyone is invited to join us at Cameron's favorite restaurant & for his favorite meal - hot wings.

If you are coming, we ask that you bring either a picture or a special memory (or both) of Cameron. I will also have the journals available for you to write your memories in.

If you unable to come, please send your pictures & memories by mail to our home address.

If you want to buy a gift, please consider a Wii or Playstation game that we will donate to J5 in Cameron's honor.

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  1. Glad you guys had fun. And I am really glad it was better than the Ronald McDonnald House! Sending love and blessings today, wish we could join you tonight.