Sunday, March 1, 2009

Samantha's big day

She was up bright & early this morning, too excited to sleep in. We are leaving soon for Columbus. We'll start with lunch with "the real Kim" who was Cameron's favorite nurse & has really become a part of our family. Later this afternoon, we'll be enjoying "Disney on Ice." Then,
off to a hotel. Tomorrow: Build-a-Bear Workshop. Will be taking (& sharing) lots of photos.


We're going to meet at Red Brick in Athens at 6-ish on Tuesday March 3 for Cameron's birthday celebration. Everyone is invited to join us at Cameron's favorite restaurant & for his favorite meal - hot wings.

If you are coming, we ask that you bring either a picture or a special memory (or both) of Cameron. I will also have the journals available for you to write your memories in.

If you unable to come, please send your pictures & memories by mail to our home address.

If you want to buy a gift, please consider a Wii or Playstation game that we will donate to J5 in Cameron's honor.


  1. Lori I hope your family has a wonderful time in Columbus and at the birthday party in Cameron's honor.

    You and my dear friend Stephanie are celebrating memorable events in your stories this week...thank you for the encouragement you gave to her! We knew Jason and he was everything Stephanie says he is...I did not met yoursweet Cameron but I can tell he was everything you say he is and more!

    Celebrate w/tears and joy! I'll be prayin for ya!
    Joy, DeeDee
    John 15:11

  2. The poem "I Hope" hit home hard as I too have lost a child to AML. My daughter died 11/14/07 and I have another daughter in remission from AML. There are no words to describe what it feels like to lose a child.

    I love what you are doing to honor Cameron on his birthday. My daughter loved Disney on Ice, Build A Bear, and eating! We continue to spend time with her favorite nurse and have donated items in her honor too. Enjoy every memory and know that Cameron is smiling down on all of you and looks forward to your reunion in Heaven.

    Laura Adams

  3. Have a graet trip. You are in my thoughts.