Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been feeling a bit lethargic lately. Simply exhausted at times. It's not like I am engaging in strenuous activity, just trying to get through daily life. It feels harder this week than it has in a couple of months. I don't really know why. Hoping to snap back soon & get back in the swing of things.

March 22, 2008:

Another J5 kid has relapsed. Please keep our friend Ryan & his family in your prayers.


  1. Two steps forward and one back, seems to happen often in life. Don't feel guilty, you've been through a lot and should be tired. Try to take care or your needs, and get your rest if you are tired.

    I'll pray for Ryan and family. I drove past Childrens Friday on a trip to Columbus, I see that building in a whole new dimension.


  2. Dear Daddy, give Lori a boost tomorrow morning when she her to sense the strength she needs comes from You. Lead her to a friendly arm that will give her some needed joy ....just for the day Lord!

    Because of Jesus....Amen

    Joy, DeeDee
    John 15:11