Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Counting days......

I've always been one to mark anniversaries. I've celebrated milestones and tried to find joy in each day, especially with my children. Today is an anniversary of sorts. I won't recap what I put on Cameron's caringbridge today. It was 6 years ago that I started counting our lives in terms of days. Days of chemo, days since chemo, days of remission, days until transplant, days past transplant, days since Cameron has been gone (147). I wonder if that will ever stop?

Celebrating one year post diagnosis:

March 25, 2005:

March 25, 2006:

March 25, 2008:

Somehow I missed 2007 which is unlike me. Maybe I just don't have a digital picture.
Thanks for your continued thoughts & prayers.


  1. Lori, I hope you find a reason to smile on day 148. I'll be praying for you.

  2. Lori...I just red your Caring Bridge heart hurts for you tonight.

    I love your quote..."You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

    I know you are a strong lady! I know you were strong for Cameron! I know that your strength helped him thru many days.

    I do not know what it is like to go thru what you have gone thru but I have lost a child of my own and it's not fair! I have also lost a good friend's child to cancer and that was hard, not fair! I know that I am proud to say that I knew Lauren and she was awesome!!!

    I have never met you but I can tell that Cameron was a neat kid too! BUt if you got to ask him right now, would he want to come back from heaven, his answer would be no...not b/c he doesn't love you but b/c he loves Jesus more!

    Aren't you glad God gave us a memory??? You have stories and pictures stored up for a lifetime of giggles! Share them often w/your daughter and husband!

    We love you out here in blogland..Joy, DeeDee

  3. Lori, I think of you & Cam often and wanted you to know you're still in my prayers...

    Lifting you up to Him so that He may bring you strenght for another day.

  4. Lori-
    Thinking of you. The first time the words are muttered- you lose all you ever knew before that second. The "new normal" is something that is still hard to get used to. Life becomes hem/onc and doctors and hospials and I guess that becomes routine- but somedays, I see photos of life before cancer (I call it "BC") and I feel a tug to those days when things seemed so simple and easy... Life changes on a dime.
    Hang tough - know that people are still thinking of you, praying for you and remembering Cameron.
    Lori Schroeder