Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our trip to the hair salon

Samantha & I had appointments to get our hair done yesterday. She just got a slight trim across the bottom to even up the ends. I didn't have my camera, so no pictures of this adventure.

Those who know Sam know that she likes to talk and she likes to dance. She was certainly giving Roger an earful as he went about her trim. At one point, she turned to the teenage boy who was in the next chair getting his hair cut. She said "Are you a brother? I used to have a brother. He's in heaven now. Diseases are bad." I simply froze. The looks on the faces of that boy, his mother & the stylist were a mix of shock, sympathy & maybe a little embarrassment because they didn't know what to say. Fortunately, Sam went right on & told them that she likes to dance with poles & that "my mommy is always naked." Great.

These pictures were taken in February 2006:

I realize that Sam was 1) too old for a pacifier and 2) too old/too big to be in a crib. But both made my life a wee bit easier. Cam liked to climb in the crib to snuggle with her. We had to put it away when I got concerned that their combined weight would break it.

Cam's school always does a session of square dancing in gym class. After the kids all learn a dance, they put on a show for the parents. The kids all dress up in their Western wear.

Sometimes I wish Samantha was still this shy.


  1. Out of the mouth of babes come wisdom...and always a laugh! I bet the comment on the pole dancing and mommie were under the table! Kids- gotta love'em!

    The neat thing about this is Samantha is expressing her grief in a more 'normal' way than we adults express it! She is letting it out as it comes into her little mind. Good for her!

    John 15:11

  2. Lori, I can always count on you for a laugh. I needed a chuckle today.