Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Late Valentines.....

Valentines Day 2006.

Valentines 2007. Cam was about 3 weeks post-1st-transplant. That is why I'm wearing surgical gloves. I was breaking multiple transplant room rules by being too close and having bodily contact with him. I may have even touched his bed.

This is Samantha's friend. He brought her a special pink elephant for Valentine's Day. He is a real sweetie.

Sam has not felt great yesterday & so far today. She has a runny rose & a cough. I'm glad it is not that stomach flu that is going around. She has been having a great time playing with "Mia" her American Girl doll with ice skates compliments of our friend Jennifer Chichester. Samantha particularly likes this doll because "she has hair like me."



I've had some emails & other questions about how to leave a comment on this blog as opposed to the caringbridge site. There are no restrictions for comment on either site - but if you are mean, I might remove it.

- On here you, click on the word "comment" at the end of any given post. It should take you to another page with a box for you to type in. I believe it says above the box "Post your comments" or "leave a comment."

-There may (or not) be a box for you to type in the letters that you see. If you don't have a google user id, check the "anonymous" block and you can leave your name at the end of your comment so I'll know who it is from.

-Finally, click on "publish your comment."

If this doesn't work, let me know. If you notice that I have missed a step, let me know that as well.

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  1. Lori:

    It is funny how we watch and pray for each other from afar. I followed Cameron's blog daily and read your blog daily as well. I am so sorry for you, but happy that Cameron no longer suffers. I did not know Cameron, but shed many tears that morning I read he had passed. I still miss Trey as if he was my own. Many times I am torn watching what Ryan must endure. This should not happen to any child.

    Thank you for the note. This recent set back was a blow we were not expecting. Ryan is a fighter and will get through this. Thanks again.


    Brad Salmons