Saturday, February 21, 2009



Marley is a Great Pyrenees pup. She was born on January 6th. 20 miles from Indianapolis. So today, we drove nearly 4 hours each way to pick up this little (for now) pup. Samantha is so thrilled. She has been begging for a dog. We were never able to have one before due to Cameron's restrictions & so much time away from home.
This dog is going to be huge. Her parents are 110 & 130 pounds. She was so sweet on the ride home - never made a peep.
We were planning to get Sam a different breed of dog & have the Easter Bunny deliver her. Unfortunately, that pup didn't make it. We scrambled around looking for puppies, found this one & decided to swoop her up.
Sam got to name her so she picked Marley after the movie. She will ultimately be an outside dog, but at least for tonight she'll be sleeping in a little pink pillow bed. Acutally, right now she is in Sam's Tinkerbell tent a bit overwhelmed.
Me too.


  1. Good for you! A dog - perfect! It's heartwarming to see Samantha smile.

  2. I love Marley! He is adorable...

    Lori...about a b-day idea next week...I had helum balloons and my mom, brother and I went to my dads graveside to celebrate what would of been Mom-Dad's 50th anniversary. Then I took her out to dinner and brought some clothes!! It was a special day for her.

    Maybe you could buy some small presents, wrap them , have a few people over for cake/icecream then take the presents to a childrens home or a needy family (i.e. food items) SOmehow give back to others forthe joy and love Cameron gave to all of you.

  3. Congratulations on the new arrival to your house!!! Marley is addorable. The day I took the girls to the park by your house Sam had told me that she wanted to get a dog and maybe someday she would. I am glad you found one. Good luck with the puppy stage. Ours came from the Humane Society, he was 3 when we got him, so we missed all that. He too is an outside dog, he likes the garage when it is cold or miserable outside. He has been a great companion for Kara, and us too.

    I have been reading the posted ideas for you to honor Cameron's birthday. What a bunch of good ideas. I have been thinking also, but haven't came up with anything. I am sure you guys will come up with the right thing to do. I'll be praying for you.