Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving morning started with our 3rd annual Parkersburg Turkey Trot. It was a nice brisk morning for a semi-run...... I've been fighting a cold for almost 2 weeks so this was not my best effort!

The after-the-trot tradition of shopping at K-Mart went well too! Knocked a couple items of the shopping list!

Finally! It was time to eat!! My plan was to do some serious carb-loading for the real event - Black Friday shopping! Or rather, Thanksgiving eve & all night long shopping!

My fave part of the carb load was this deliciousness - cheesecake with brownie for a crust!

The girls were thankful for their technology. They had no interest in the football game or the sale ads that had taken over the living room!

I had my game plan mapped out, a wad of cash in my pocket, ads in my bag & coffee in hand! I heade out a little before 10:00 pm. Scored EVERYTHING that I was looking for (& lots else too!). Finally rolled back home at 5:00 am for a few hours of sleep before hitting the mall again. This year, even I think I bought too much! How is that possible when I still have $$ left???? Must be my awesome shopping skills... :)Well taught by the master: my mom, who never paid full price for anything! Seriously though, I am going to take inventory & in all liklihood, make some returns!

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