Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference......

Tonight was Parent- Teacher Conference for Samantha.
Nothing like sitting in a chair made for 3rd graders to make you feel huge! I realize that I have been off the wagon since the half marathon, but seriously when did my a$$ get THAT BIG?!?!? 
I had a hard time concentrating on what the teacher was saying for fear that I was either going to fall out of the miniature chair or break it into a thousand pieces! But, once I found the delicate balance, I was able to participate.....
Turns out Sami is a funny kid at home & at school. I read a couple of her papers. She writes much like she talks. Many sentences started with "Well,....." The funniest response was to a reading question that was something like "How do you know happened?" Sami's response was "I know it happened because I read it and I have a good memory." The teacher gave her credit for creativity.
My little smarty-pants got straight A's for the first grading period. I proudly drove home, feeling a bit smug, walked into the house & found this:


Maybe she is not quite ready for the Ivy League.... :)

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