Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seems about right.....

Recently, I went to a Suicide Prevention training. It was a really good training..... at least I'm pretty sure it was. I was awfully distracted though. I'll get to that.

There were about 30 people at the training. A diverse group - social workers, counselors, law enforcement, university personnel and........

my former Weight Watcher's group leader.

Yep. There he was across the room from me. I immediately felt guilty. I quit going to meetings over a year ago. I have gained back a few (ok 8) pounds. Of all of the people in the group, he has probably seen the most real emotion, or maybe it was just me?

But, seriously?!? What kind of message was that?

I'm taking it as it is way past time to get back on the wagon with diet & exercise!

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