Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's up Walt???

No where near a new idea or question, but the heck did Walt Disney's mother do to him that caused him to kill off every mother in his movies & tv shows?
Belle has always been my favorite princess. I was excited to go see the 3D version of the movie on the big screen. Sami & I went, met some friends, donned our uber-cool glasses and got ready for some great animation & graphics. We both really enjoyed the show. On the way home Sam had 2 questions - 1) Why was it a "G" rated movie when there was beer, fighting, stabbing and death? and 2) What happened to Belle's mommy?
Both really good questions. I didn't have an answer to either.
She then went on to say "What about Nemo's mom?" "Oh yeah, she got ate." "Hannah Montana's mom died too didn't she?"
Yep. So did Bambi's mom, Cinderella's, I'm guessing Snow White but I don't really remember that ever being addressed. Was Full House a Disney Show too?
So many thoughts running through my head now. Like, why is it that single dads are glorified on these shows? They are praised for how much they sacrifice to raise their own children. Single moms on this network, on the other hand, are often judged and criticized when their children's behaviors are not perfect (think Suite Life for example).
Clearly, I am sleep deprived and my brain is fried from all of the chemicals I have been using cleaning the vomit out of my carpet! I think another early to bed night is in store for me!
Until next time,
Mileage update: 79.61 + 21.07 + 24.23= 124.91/1000

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