Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another week of taking it easy....

Only got in 10.15 miles this week. Grand total of: 197.47/600. My blisters are much better thanks to Bandaids for Blisters! Gonna have to get some new shoes & soon! Plan to pick it back up next week.

Girl Scout cookies are in. Have spent days sorting, bagging, delivering and trying to keep track of the money. When this is done, I get to sew on new badges to Sam's uniform. A lot of work for a mom.... Good thing I love those tag-a-longs!

Sam's troop is donating boxes to J5 at Children's Hospital. They are also collecting toys for the sibling clubhouse where Sam spent many, many hours. Will be hauling them up there next month. Sam has a good heart. Hope she doesn't loose it as she morphs into a teenage girl.....

Sam's eye appointment is tomorrow morning. Hope hers goes better than mine did! If not, that poor dr may leave Athens! A cousin is going with us so hopefully that will help.

Until next time....

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