Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25

January 25, 2007 was a day filled with so much hope. It was the day of Cameron's first bone marrow transplant. I believed it would work. I still can't believe that it didn't.

Samantha just before going to the OR to donate her cells. She was very brave.

This is Sam's bone marrow being hooked up.

These are her cord blood cells going in.

Sam upon return from the OR.

Cam after his nap.

Samantha came home the other day sobbing. The kind of sobbing where I had absolutely no idea what she was saying for more than 10 minutes. Finally she said "I miss my bubby!" When she calmed down, she told me about an incident where she was accidentally knocked into. She said "if Bubby was here it wouldn't have happened. He wouldn't let it." She knows that he was her protector. No matter what I do, I cannot fill those shoes. He offered her a sense of peace and comradarie that I cannot match. I wish I knew what to do, or at least knew that I wasn't totally screwing her up.


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  2. We are getting close to the one year anniversary of Kristen's transplant. I really thought it was going to work too. AML is tough to beat. I totally agree with the quote about letting go, both for Kristen and for myself.

  3. This is Brittanie (angel Cora's mommy) from JM. I was talking to another JM friend and Cameron came up, and she mentioned she checked your blog occasionally and gave me this link. This post brought me to tears. It must be so hard to watch her go through the realization of just how big of a thing she's missing in her life. (((hugs)))