Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flower Girl

Yesterday was our friend Angie's wedding. Samantha was lucky enough to be the flower girl. She was thrilled to get her hair curled and to finally get to wear the pretty dress. It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

Sam did get a little bored waiting for the other's to get ready.

Walking down the aisle. Despite the rotten grin, she got a little shy and wanted to walk with the matron of honor.

She cut loose at the reception and danced the night away.

At some point she kicked off her shoes because "the big girls did." We nearly had to drag her off the dance floor to go home. She was asleep before we got out of town.

Thanks to Angie for allowing Samantha to have this opportunity. Angie and Sam have an unfortunate special bond - both have lost big brothers to cancer. It was good for Samantha to see that you can lose your brother, but still get to grow up, get married and have fun.

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