Saturday, October 3, 2009


Last night Sam & I went shopping. We headed to Kohl's with our coupon and intent to get a new outfit for school pictures and a new winter coat that she needed this morning for ice skating. On the way to the store, Sam started talking about Cameron. She kept saying how much she misses him, how she wishes he was still here so we could buy him a new winter coat too. Then she wondered if he was cold, if he could run & play now and if he gets to see grandma. Broke my heart to hear her suffering.

We've had a very busy Saturday. Today started with Samantha's first ice skating lesson of the season. She was very excited to go - she woke up a little after 7 am asking if it was time to leave yet. She then had 4 clothing changes because her pants were too itchy, too tight, too loose. Finally, she decided on something.

After skating, we headed to Walmart to buy her Halloween costume. Shockingly, she wants to be Hannah Montana! The trick now will be keeping her from losing the pieces before trick or treat.

Next was cousin Emily's birthday party at the skating rink.

After the party, we headed to the Fall Festival at the church. We started with Sam's first hayride.

Then pumpkin painting.

Finally, the bounce house.

We're home now and she is playing with Marley. Tonight we're planning an encore of Monsters vs. Aliens & some popcorn.


  1. Her coat looks very pretty. I remember taking my girls ice skating when they were her age. They gave them a chair to push around the ice to help them balance. Last year my daughter was skating on our pond and fell. She hit her head hard, got whiplash and a broken arm. She was in a cast up to her elbow for 6 weeks. She is ready to go back out there again already. Hoping you are doing well. Keeping your family in our prayers.
    Eileen from Michigan

  2. Lori, sounds like a BUSY weekend! Sam looks like she has grown since I saw you last! It breaks my heart also to hear her missing Cameron so much. But, I think it is great that she can freely express her feelings. Her simple honest words show how much she loves him.
    Take care,