Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am feeling exhausted tonight, so this will be short & sweet.

Mileage this week: 30.1 for a grand total of 635.96! It had been my intention to run at least 10 miles today, but decided to call it quits after 7. It felt like I was running in concrete. No sense in pushing too hard and hurting myself this close to the half-marathon.


Today was the 2nd Annual Sunshine 5K & Kids Dash. I didn't run this year, but rather took photos for my friend who is the organizer. The $$ goes to an organization that buys supplies for orphanages in Russia (& a few other countries). Great cause, beautiful day. Sam & Emily ran it & seemed to have a good time:

Off to watch some "Tangled" before bed. Sami has another game tomorrow so we'll be at the field most of the afternoon. Hope tomorrow's weather is as nice as today's!
Until next time,

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