Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer is winding down

Samantha LOVES to have her picture taken. She will pose almost anywhere for a photo-op. She doesn't seem to understand that other kids don't like having their picture taken as much as she does.
This was taken during her last baseball game. She had a couple of nice hits. For her size, she swings really hard.
At the post-game pizza party, she thanked Coach Jason. I wish I could find the photos from 2006 when he brought some OU football players to visit Cameron just before his first transplant.

Samantha is ambivilent about the end of summer. She loves the freedom, but misses her friends. Also, I won't allow her to wear her new school clothes until school actually starts. She has modeled them in our living room over & over & over. We have just a few items left to pick up. Planning that for next week & a mani-pedi before the 1st day. She has never had one before so I may be creating a monster!
Mileage for 2 weeks: 26.34 + 23.93 = 534.84. Less than 75 miles to go in 4 months of 1/2 marathon training. I may hit 700 miles! Who knew that I under-estimated this goal!
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