Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fever & Cheer

Mid-week started with a fever for Samantha. I hate fevers. Even though I know in my head that she is fine, a flash of panic always goes through me when I see the numbers going up on the thermometer. A trip to urgent care, labs, chest x-ray, big gun antibiotics, 2 prescriptions & we were on our way home. Fever was completely gone by Saturday & she was begging to be able to cheer in her first game on Sunday. The morning thunderstorms didn't bode well, but by the time she had to go, the it was sunny & clear, so I agreed to 1/2 the game - no need to tire her out too much.
Sam is on a big squad, 18 girls in all. They don't have enough uniforms for them yet, so the girls are to wear jerseys & shorts until the uniforms are in. We still have Cameron's jerseys, so Sam wore his.

Just before we left:

Getting ready for her 1st cheer:

Still working on her cartwheels and round-offs:

School starts on Tuesday, so tomorrow we are off for mani-pedi's and some last minute shopping.

**** Mileage update:

My biggest week yet (had 2 long runs): 30.85 for a grand total of 565.69.

Until next time,


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