Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poor Ken......

Last night, Samantha was playing with her Barbie Dream House. She is very creative with her play. Unfortunately, a lot of Samantha's dolls have medical issues and doctor's appointments. S0, Ken & Barbie were having a serious conversation. Ken was telling Barbie that he has a dr's appt tomorrow.
* Barbie, being histrionic, got upset and said "Oh No Ken! Are you sick? Is it serious?"
* Ken replied, "Yes Barbie, it is serious."
* Barbie: "What is it?!?"
* Ken: "Barbie, I have ED."

My head must have whirled! I too loudly asked "Ken has what???" Sam was calm. "He has ED. Men go to the dr for that you know. I saw it on tv." She then asked "what is ED?" I said "Don't know. Ask your dad."

I am SO gonna have my hands full with this one!

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