Sunday, September 20, 2009


with a chance of meatballs! I took Sam to the theater to see it this weekend. We opted out of the 3-D version as they tend to be too intense for her. It was little scary for her towards the end, but overall she loved it. Of course, she loves every movie that we go to see. She loves the experience of going to the theater. She loves the popcorn (& sometimes a hot dog too!) There are several movies coming up that are on her list - especially The Princess and the Frog and Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 - both due out in December.

We also went to the library yesterday. Sam was able to get her very own library card. She is so proud to have it. She has stashed it away in her little purple purse.

Now, for a quiet evening at home.

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  1. great movie. i really enjoyed it. Have followed your blog and Camerons page for some time. We keep you in our thougths and prayers. Hope you are having a fine day. Eileen from Michigan