Monday, September 7, 2009

Back from Hilton Head

Thanks to the kindness of friends, we had a wonderful long weekend on Hilton Head Island. Sam was so excited to be at the ocean again - this is her 4th trip to the 4th different beach. My plan is to take her to as many different beaches along the eastern coast as possible. Because of the holiday, she only missed one day of school.

I can't believe she tried the raft again after her disasterous ride in Florida.

She has a drawer full of bathing suits, but only wants to wear this one. Next year, I won't make the mistake of over-buying. Well, I probably will but maybe she will agree to wear different ones so all of the pictures don't look the same.
Off to finish unpacking & to do some laundry. She is off to school tomorrow while I plan to spend the day relaxing & have lunch with my dad.

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  1. Smiles! I am glad you got to go, you'll have to tell me all about it, I have never been there!