Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pre-school graduation and a not "up"lifting movie

Samantha's last day of preschool was Thursday. She is all dressed in a new out-fit and ready to go.

Her field trip and picnic was canceled due to rain. The school made the best of the day. They still grilled out and we all ate in the cafeteria. Samantha spent more time talking and playing than eating, so more than half of that hotdog was wasted. No wonder she only weighs 34 pounds. I've always said that she makes up for all of the words Cameron didn't say.

Samantha and her teacher, Mrs. Atha. Sam was proud to give her some flowers and a hug. On the way home, she said "I'm going to miss Mrs. Atha." Mrs. Atha was really good to Sam (& all of us) this year. She was understanding of all the days that Sam needed to miss. She gave her extra time and attention when Sam seemed to need more. Sam was proud to point out that she was "on green" all year. Hard for me to believe how that could happen......

After school, we went to visit grandpa Pete on what should have been my parents' 44th wedding anniversary. It was too rainy to visit the cemetary, though dad did try & took over some pink roses. He's lonely and I am no help.


Later, and as promised, I took Samantha to see the movie "Up." My first clue should have been that there were only a handful of kids in a fairly full theater. I thought "why are there so many adults in here?" I found out that though this was an animated movie, the premise had many adult themes. The movie addresses miscarriage, infertility, death and a lonely old man with too many balloons. There were several parts that were scary to Sam. Maybe in part due to the 3-D glasses making things pop out of the screen. In the end, she said it was "ok" which is not her usual ringing endorsement.


We had dinner at Gran Ranchero in Parkersburg (formally known as El Ranchero). This has been one of our favorite places since before we were married. Cameron loved it there, particularly one waiter, Roman. They had a fire in 2007 and it took some time for remodeling. Cam was almost consistently sick after that. This was our first trip back. Roman came to our table and asked in broken English "Where is the boy?" Ouch. Where is my margarita?


  1. Lori,

    I have never been to the Gran Ranchero, it sounds like even if the food isn't a good enough reason to go that Roman is! What a great waiter to remember you guys after so long. Add him to the long list of the many people that Cameron made footprints on their hearts. I imagine "the boy" muching on some good chips and salsa and smiling down on the three of you . . . and Roman.

    Love ya,