Sunday, April 19, 2009

Samantha's Ice Show

Tonight was Samantha's ice show. They performed "The Journey to Oz." It was a very nice (& a bit long) production. Sam was in a group of scarecrows. I could not get a good picture on the ice, through the glass. Here she is on the left. She & her partner were to spin in a circle. Their song was "If I only had a brain."

For this pic, she was a closer to where I was sitting. Her costume was very cute. She now says that she wants to wear it for Halloween.

I took this during the intermission. I slipped over to wear the skaters were sitting to snap a picture. The kids were well guarded and parents were frequently being asked to leave the area.

Samantha got some flowers for her efforts. She said "I know these are from bubby." She has them proudly displayed in her room. This picture shows her keepsake t-shirt. On the back, it lists the names of all the children who participated in the show.

Samantha was thrilled that Nurse Kim was able to come & spend the night. She so loves Kim and says she wants to be just like her when she grows up.

She is now crashed in my bed. It was a long day of playing followed by the show. I'm hoping we can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

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