Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We spent last Easter at NCH. Despite the transplant restrictions, we were still able to have the Easter Bunny visit & leave some treats. Trying to hide eggs without using the floor was challenging, but we made do. I miss him.

We have a big family so we divided up hosting on the holidays. My mom always hosted Easter. She would bake a huge ham & everything, but what we all looked forward to was the Bunny Cake that she made every year that I can remember. This was her 2006 creation. I miss her too.

Sam & Cam - Easter 2006. Last one before relapse.

Easter 2005. Cameron loved his green bunny that he got for Easter 2004. He slept with him until the end, though he never took him to the hospital. I think he was embarrassed or thought that he was too big. Samantha sleeps with it now.

Sam & I went to church this morning. I wore the last Easter dress that my mom bought for me. After church we went to the cemetary to leave a treat for Cameron. Sam is very nurturing, whenever I am sad she tells me "I will keep care of you mommy." And she does.


  1. Cameron got a PEANUT BUTTER EGG for Easter?!! Lucky guy! He got the high-end candy that only the cool kids get.

  2. Lori, you are in good hands with Sam's love. I am sorry that yesterday was hard, and yes another first. May God Bless you this week!!!!