Sunday, June 17, 2012

Couple days off.....

In an effort to continue the Great Summer of 2012, I took a few days off at the end of the week. We spent some time at the pool, went to the movies to see Madagascar 3 (circus afro, circus afro...... stuck in my head forever now!) & played some games at the fun barn!

On Friday, we made our trek to the the Columbus Zoo! I LOVE the zoo! Always have. Sami does too. We were there about 5 hours and saw most of the animals that were willing to be seen - those elusive wolves never seem to come out! Here are a few pics from our adventure:

Taking a ride on a horse -she was glad she didn't get the pony!

Comparing the size of her hand to one of a gorillas:

We've capped off the weekend with some shopping, a massive piece of chocolate cake for dinner Saturday (& breakfast Sunday!), more pool time & finally, we are about to enjoy some home-made peach ice cream!

Mileage update -  568.38/1000 as of last night! Feels great to be on the downhill slide!

Until next time,

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