Monday, March 12, 2012

Lesson learned!

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

Sunday marked t-20 days to the Athens Half Marathon. Thought it would be a good idea to get in one last long training run. It was also an opportunity to give the clothes & shoes I was planning to wear a trial run too. If you want to see the breakdown, checkout my garmin site at:

In some ways, I am glad that I did this little experiment. I certainly learned some valuable lessons. The capri pants & shoes were fine. The shirt - black, long-sleeved Under Armor: TOO FREAKING HOT! & it kept riding up on me. The vest may have been ok if it were 10 degrees cooler. The pockets were handy to keep my energy gels in, but that is about it. The absolute worst of all? The stupid freaking sports bra!OMG - I have the worst case of chafing ever! In the most inconvenient of places where every bra that I wear will rub. and burn. and maybe bleed a little.

Guess I need to invest in some of this stuff:

Also, I think I may have mentioned that it was HOT?!? The wonderful city where I run has a beautiful bike path. Unfortunately, the water fountains have been turned off for the winter. I had to go over 6 miles to get to the lone working fountain. Now I am thinking I may need one of these as well - the Handy Hydtration. Holds 10 ounces of water, velcroed to your hand.
I don't want to get carried away with the hydration though cause until the fountains get turned back on, the bathrooms are locked up too! Don't want another episode of peeing in the weeds!

So the moral of this story? Should have taken a marker to my new socks - scratch out bad & add in "dumb!"

Mileage update:

22.12 + 17.72 + 244.95 = 284. 79

Until next time,


  1. NO, NO, NO!!!! Not a "dumb" ass by any stretch of the imagination!! Actually the savvy runner who knows to check her gear before she races!! Skip the water bottle velcroed to your hands though!! There will be water and some gatorade stations along the route. If you go the the Athens Marathon 1/2 Marathon site, they should identify the water stations. Boy scouts have "manned" ("boyed"?) them in past years. 8^)

  2. And yes, YOU are STILL a BAD ASS!!!!!

  3. Where did you get those socks and why havent you worn them to a race yet?????