Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sam on her way to Grandma's house because our air conditioner quit working.

Those who know me well know that "lucky" isn't really a word to describe me/my life.

Our air conditioner quit working on Monday evening. I found this out when we got home from cheerleading practice and a chicken in the oven. We've been staying at the in-laws because it has been so darn hot. I stop by the house every evening after work to pack some clothes, lunch for the next day, etc. Tonight, when I opened the door I was met with a blast of ice cold air! My response was "What the hell???" For some unknown, unexplainable reason, the AC started working. Still going to replace the 35 year old system as it has limped along for years and one should be here in a few days. But it is going to be so nice sleeping in my own bed tonight!

On a sadder note, my friend Connie is retiring effective tomorrow. I'm going to miss her.

Sam's last game of the season was tonight. She really likes baseball and is pretty good at it too.

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